Bring on the Music

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I am a happy camper, YOSHI POWER

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I had a pretty gee day today but still yet i feel like shit all because a friend is mad at me and wont even bother to talk to me… although the reason behind is pretty stupid or somthing else must have happened that ticked off pretty badly that made you ignore me the whole day even when i tried to at lest to apologise for it… Honestly i would txt you about it right now but i know you will pretty much ignore it sooo if you read this which i highly doubt  i am really sorry for what ever i did and at least let me know why you wont even talk to me……..

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had a prety gee day today. played basketball, hanged out with the cousins on my dad side and had some “liquid courage”. But everytime your name comes up it still havea hard time believing that you died and that your funeralisin a couple days… I jus really wish we hadspent more time together before you got deployed…………..

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So there is this girl at school that i hang out with (she is a friend) who cant seem to leave me alone. Its like when i come to school im listening to my ipod wanting to be left alone so i can fully wake up and then she jus starts talking to me even though i dont want to be bothered so I ignore her and then she had to and i literally had to fix my collar because it was bothering her which i really hated because i dont like it when people jus go right ahead and fix my clothing with out me giving them permission. and she does this while being oblivious to me wanting to be alone when it cleary shows on face!!! I really wish she could read this and figure out its her because i want the left fukin alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Because of all this war going on about i have lost my cousin while he was flying a black hawk at night. and now the military is changing the fuckin story on that the black crashed due to weather or they got fuckin shot down by ficking terroists bcak to fucking weather. Now none of this would have fukin happened if they just trained the troops in the middle east to stop any left over terrorists they could have pulled our guys out of that place but instead they fukin did not pull our troops out even though we pretty much taught them how to fukin defend theirselves our troops didnt get fully pulled out but instead left some of them in the middle east and because of this i lost my cousin to what ever story that the fuckin military has to fukin say about it!!!!!!!!!!

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she is a pretty boss drummer
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